Baby, Werewolf, Silver Bullet

Never in my weekly tip has a werewolf passed by.

That must change.

Here it comes.

In our Analytic Storytelling method, we use a fixed format to structure stories. The SCQA: Situation – Complication – Question – Answer.

The SCQA-structure makes your story comprehensible and urgent. And I fully support the method.


The abbreviation is somewhat abstract. And maybe hard to remember.

Some time ago, in a blog post by biologist Andrew Hendry, I came across a more visual alternative.

Baby – Werewolf – Silver Bullet.

(The Q is missing, but that’s not a problem.)

Andrew Hendry says to start your story with a cute baby. A subject we find interesting or important. Like biodiversity.

Then explain that the baby is being threatened. So that the audience will start to worry. This is the werewolf part. For example, the biodiversity is being threatened by habitat loss.

Finally, describe the silver bullet you use to make the werewolf (more) harmless. For example, designing ecological corridors in a new way. A way that limits the impact of habitat loss.

Can’t remember the abbreviation SCQA for a moment? Think of Baby – Werewolf – Silver Bullet.

That’s hard to forget.