This is not a love song

There’s a peculiar song from 1983, by the band Public Image Ltd.

This Is Not a Love Song.

The lyrics consist largely of the title phrase. Sometimes it’s sung with a head voice, sometimes in lower tones.

The phrase – This is not a love song – comes up about 115 times during the song. Clearly, the singer wants to emphasize his message. 😉

But is it getting across?

It reminds me of the ‘don’t think of a pink elephant’ joke. Hearing this sentence, you immediately imagine a large pink trunk – and not a cactus. Despite the word ‘not’.

This is not a love song.

For this reason, it’s wise to think about denials in your communication.

For example, would you describe the culture in your organization as nonhierarchical? Or would you use the term ‘flat organization’ instead?

Do you ask your kids not to yell like that to each other? Or to talk sweetly and softly?

This is not a love song.