The downside of a free audio tour

Fleur works for a large museum.

She has a plan to improve visitor ratings. That is: free audio tours for every exhibition.

Visitors who follow an audio tour, rate the exhibition on average 0.6 point higher than other visitors. And if the audio tour is free, it will be used more.

Not much to argue with, right?

Unfortunately, Fleur’s audience – the museum’s management – will probably have a different view.

Usually, you mainly think about the benefits of your own plan. While your audience primarily focuses on the risks. Because your audience has status quo bias: it unconsciously prefers to leave things as they are.

The status quo is known and ‘safe’. Despite the imperfections.

If you propose to change the status quo, your audience won’t know what it’s getting. That’s why such a proposal leads to reservations.

Is the data solid?

Is it financially possible?

What does this mean for counter staff?

Do we have enough equipment?

Can we do this with every exhibition?

If Fleur addresses and removes such objections, her story becomes more convincing.

Do you have a plan that you believe in as well?

Use your enthusiasm in your communication. But also look at it through the lens of the status quo bias.