How to create a scientific poster that works

Are you a scientist and do you ever communicate with a poster?

Then I have something for you today.

Mike Morrison’s better poster videos. This one and this one.

According to Morrison, a lot goes wrong with classic scientific poster sessions.

For the presenter, it’s stressful to make the poster. And in the end, the session usually doesn’t lead to a lot of conversations.

Poster sessions are also frustrating for the audience. Mostly, it takes much time to understand the posters. They are walls of text, copied directly from a paper.

The threshold for reading such a poster is high. That’s why the audience views only a small proportion of all posters, and the learning outcomes are limited.

Morrison makes simple – but radical – suggestions to improve the poster experience, for both parties. He bases his advice on scientific insights, in particular on User Experience Design.

For example, Morrison advises the following:

  • Give little information: remove everything that’s not necessary.
  • Formulate your conclusion in everyday words and put it large on your poster.
  • Use images and colors that support your conclusion.
  • Add a QR code for people who want to read the full paper.

Morrison’s better poster templates have been downloaded 250,000 times. Also something for you?



PS I wrote this email in response to a question from Can Özkan. Thanks, Can!