You’re a funny warthog

In storytelling, there are a few fixed roles.

The most important is the hero: the protagonist.

On the other hand, there’s the villain – the antagonist – who opposes the protagonist.

In The Lion King, for instance, Simba is the hero. We experience the story from his perspective and empathize with his goals and problems.

Simba’s uncle, Scar, is the villain. He wants to kill Simba and become king of the animal kingdom himself.

A lesser-known role is that of helper.

This is the one who supports or saves the hero in difficult moments.

Simba has two helpers: Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog.

If you use storytelling in your communication, it’s good to think about this division of roles. Because there’s a danger that you assign yourself, your organization or your product the role of the hero.

It works better to give your audience that role. For example, to tell your story from the perspective of the customer, patient, employee, student or citizen.

Certainly, you have a role as well, but that’s the role of helper. The one who saves or supports your audience.

That’s a very important role. But you’re not Simba.

You’re a funny meerkat or warthog.