Why don’t you bring a washing machine?

Have you ever used an object in a presentation?

If the answer is no, it might be inspiring to watch a presentation by Hans Rosling. No one I know uses objects with more charm.

One of Rosling’s TED Talks is centered around a washing machine.

Literally, on stage.

Rosling – an elderly Swedish doctor and statistician – talks about the day his mother used a washing machine for the very first time.

His grandmother was invited to this event. She had done hand washing for seven children her entire life. Grandma kept staring at the washing machine until the program was finished.

Rosling’s story is about bigger subjects than washing machines or his grandmother.

He wants to talk about global wealth distribution, population growth, climate change, energy use and literacy. From now until 2050.

Important but abstract topics.

With the washing machine, he makes his subject concrete. That is, he makes it visual, understandable and interesting.

Are you looking for inspiration for a presentation?

Try to focus on an object. An object smaller and lighter than a washing machine usually does the trick as well. 😉