What you can learn from Mexico vs. Poland

Last night Guillermo Ochoa saved a penalty in the 57th minute. A shot by Robert Lewandowski towards the lower right corner.

I’m talking about the match between Mexico and Poland at the World Cup in Qatar.

Do you care much about Ochoa’s safe?

Probably not. Unless you’re from Mexico or Poland. Or if you feel somehow connected to one of those countries or had a bet running.

Mexico vs. Poland teaches us something about storytelling.

To get involved – in a football match or in a story – it helps to choose a perspective. At a football match, you’ll choose the perspective of one of the parties.

If you root for someone things becomes more interesting.

Now what can you do with this in your own communication?

There, too, you can ask yourself: Who should your audience root for?

This is especially helpful if your story has no perspective or a multitude of perspectives.

For example, choose the perspective of a customer, a citizen or an employee. Or that of an endangered plant species, a historic building or an enzyme.

In this way, you prevent your story from looking like a random football match.

(Sorry, Mexicans and Poles.)