This will make you want to write

Just a simple tip today.

Read the blog articles by Henneke Duistermaat.


For two reasons.

Firstly, Henneke teaches you more about writing than any writing book will do.

Henneke’s advice is about, for example, your ideal reader, conversational writing, suspense, sensory writing, creativity and the writing process.

Secondly, Henneke’s articles make you want to write: you get inspired.

This is partly due to her tone. Henneke shows empathy for how difficult writing can be. But she also gives you the feeling that you can get started right away with her tips.

What also helps are the many practical examples. From novels, non-fiction books about mosses and whales, legal blog posts and Apple advertisements, among others.

And then I haven’t even mentioned the drawings accompanying the articles.

Convinced yet?

A nice article to start with is the one about the Zoom-In-Zoom-Out technique. About how to switch between the big picture and specific, sensory details. And how it’s better to avoid the half-zoomed scenes.