This blogger makes you smile (and write better)

The origin of the Latin plant name Zyzyxia lundellii.

What makes the poetic novel This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart so good.

The problem with having two rounds of peer review for scientific journals.

Canadian evolutionary ecologist Stephen Heard writes about a wide variety of topics. In fact, about everything that interests him.

He does so in his blog Scientist sees squirrel. The squirrel represents a quick thought flashing by.

Heard also wrote a book about scientific writing: The Scientist’s Guide to Writing. Manyof his blog articles are about writing, or about teaching how to write. That’s why I started following him.

But after a while I read almost every article – with a smile.

Heard is smart, original, reflective, and funny. In this way, he even makes a text about rounding numbers interesting. Really.

But I would start with Heard’s articles about writing.

He wrote about titles, abbreviations, jargon, footnotes, metaphors, an effective writing process, and other topics.

I would first take a look at the articles about:

Have fun!