The start of a good grant application

Let’s be honest.

Nobody reads policy plans and mission statements for fun.

However, sometimes it’s important to study such texts thoroughly.

For example, if you apply for a grant.

Take Anita, who is trying to get a grant from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). Anita is making a film about tango.

In the policy plan of the AFK, Anita identifies the following aspects the organization considers important:

  • art that gives meaning to life in the city
  • art on behalf of the city of Amsterdam and its inhabitants
  • Amsterdam as a cultural, international metropolis
  • art accessible to the people of Amsterdam in every neighbourhood

Though it’s not that difficult to figure out aspects like that, not everyone who applies for a grant does so.

Anita’s list then helps her to emphasize the right aspects in her application. For example:

  • The film largely takes place in Amsterdam, and the ‘main characters’ live in Amsterdam.
  • The film shows the international Amsterdam tango scene.
  • Tango is a way to experience meaning, beauty and community in a large, anonymous city.
  • Anita and her crew have been living in Amsterdam for over 10 years.
  • Venues in 4 Amsterdam neighborhoods have agreed to show the film.

These aren’t groundbreaking points. But without such a list, you won’t probably think of them all.

Which policy plan are you studying soon?