The name of the CEO

The housewife’s syndrome.

Betty Friedan first wrote about it in 1963.

Back then, when women got married or became pregnant, their careers usually ended. And often not because they wanted it.

The involuntary life as a housewife led to problems.

Loneliness, boredom, dissatisfaction. The feeling of not being part of society. And sometimes even alcoholism, depression or suicide.

Now, in 2022, things are different.

Are they indeed?

Of course, much has changed since 1963. But to say that the opportunities in the workplace are equal for both sexes…

For example, only 4.8% of the CEOs of Dutch listed companies are women. Reason enough to continue drawing attention to gender equality.

Recently, a remarkable fact was used as a communication weapon.

Dutch listed companies have more CEOs named Peter than CEO’s who are female.

This little fact is so powerful because it is specific. It’s not about 4.8%, but about one name. And thus it immediately evokes images and emotions.

It was therefore quickly picked up by the media. And around International Women’s Day, many Dutch women changed their first name on their LinkedIn profile to ‘Peter’. As a playful reminder.

Do you want your message to stick as well?

Be alert to specific facts.