The Manga Guide to Databases

A concrete story about my topic? It’s way too complex for that.

This is a response I sometimes get when I talk about storytelling.

Sounds familiar?

Today, for inspiration, an example with a super abstract topic. Databases.

To show you that it is possible.

The Manga Guide to Databases is a 200-page basic explanation of databases. Cartoon style.

The main character of the cartoon is princess Raruna.

Raruna’s parents are away on a journey, and she has become responsible for the fruit kingdom. She has an enormous pile of reports about the good harvests. If only she could manage them efficiently!

When the apple price goes up, the bookkeeping becomes a mess. An employee of the overseas department misses the price increase. And at the export department, they accidentally raise the price too much.

Then, Raruna receives a mysterious package from her father. A book about secret technology from a foreign country. From the book, a fairy emerges, who explains everything to Raruna.

More exciting than the average study book, right?

A PhD told me that The Manga Guide to Databases isn’t just entertaining, it’s also just very clear.

If this can be done for databases, maybe it can be done for your topic as well?