The best TED Talk about storytelling?

A juicy anecdote, a touching confession, a metaphor that sticks.

At TED, they know how storytelling works.

But what are the best TED Talks about storytelling?

That’s what I wanted to dedicate a weekly email to. So I sat myself down to do some research.


Most TED Talks about storytelling disappointed me.

I already knew the one by presentation guru Nancy Duarte. About switching between what is and what could be.

But Duarte’s story gets off to a slow start. And in my opinion, it lacks some focus.

I had also seen Andrew Stanton’s TED Talk before. Stanton wrote, among others, Finding Nemo and WALL•E.

His story is entertaining. But his lessons don’t easily translate to a professional setting.

Other TED Talks about storytelling weren’t good enough to share here. Sorry, TED Talkers. 😉

Until I came across the TED Talk by leadership expert Karen Eber.

Eber convincingly states that data and storytelling reinforce one another. She calls it a power balad.

According to Eber, data never speaks for itself. And it’s not enough to convince people to make different decisions.  

This requires emotional involvement, which you achieve with a story.

Fun to watch!



PS Did I miss a good TED Talk about storytelling? Please email me!