Storytelling: what is that exactly?

The organization I work for has ‘storytelling’ in its name.

I give training on storytelling. I advise on storytelling. I do executive storytelling work.

So you would expect me to know exactly what it is: storytelling.

But do I?

Of course I have an image of the term. But I must admit that I couldn’t describe it one-two-three. And that’s what I wanted to do for a new page on our website.

The thing is, people use the term ‘storytelling’ in a variety of ways.

Storytelling in a presentation can relate to (personal) anecdotes and emotions.

In (corporate) storytelling in companies it’s often about meaning and the ‘why’.

Storytelling in reports and scientific papers usually refers to a ‘narrative’ structure.

Do you get confused by the term ‘storytelling’ as well? On our page ‘What is storytelling?’, I’ve broken down storytelling into three main ingredients.

So you can quickly see if it is for you. And get ideas on how to apply it.


View the page here.




PS Also check the cool visualizations. Thanks to my colleague Priscilla!