Small anniversary

At the end of June, I received an email from Roberto.

I’ve been receiving this kind of email for a long time now (maybe one and a half years?), and just wanted to thank you for the great tips.

These short posts are very interesting, quite useful and sometimes even funny (in the good sense). […] Keep it up!

An enthusiastic response always makes me happy.

But in Roberto’s response, there was a specific passage that caught my eye.

Maybe one and a half years…

It made me check when I sent my first tip: on October 13, 2021.

So we’re far from a year and a half. 😉

Still, I want to take a moment to think about my small anniversary: for a year now, I’ve sent these weekly tips.

I’d like to use this moment to collect inspiration for another year.

That’s why I’m asking you:

Is there a communication topic you would like to read a tip about?

You can simply email me: I’ll always get back to you.

I’m curious!