Is a question mark in your title a good idea?

Today I have something funny for you.

It’s called Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.

Betteridge’s Law states that to any headline that is formulated as a yes/no question, you can answer ‘no’.

Wanna try?

Is this the new medicine to cure AIDS?


Is Algeria a paradise for renewable energy?


Are cryptocurrencies taking over the world?


If the answer were ‘yes’, the headline would be different. That’s the idea behind Betteridge’s Law.

A journalist would love to put in the headline that a cure for AIDS has been found.

That’s why headlines with a question have a bad reputation. A reputation of overselling and sensationalism.

Since I know Betteridge’s Law, it’s difficult for me to read headlines with a question in a neutral way.

More examples? There’s a dedicated Betteridge’s Law website with an extensive collection.