How to improve your flipchart right away

I remember it well.

I shared a video about ‘graphic facilitation’ in the app group with my Analytic Storytelling colleagues. This one.

My colleague Stijn replied: ‘The star man is going to change my life!’

The star man is useful if you want to quickly draw a person on a flipchart. He looks like this:

(The star man might as well be a woman, but ‘star person’ isn’t that catchy.)

You can draw the star man in all kinds of poses. And you can make a group of them:

Later, in a workshop, I learned three other ways to quickly draw people:

With the U-man, you can also quickly draw a group:

Of course you can also opt for a classic stick figure:

If you can draw people quickly, it’s easier to bring your flipchart to life, and to make it more than just a large sheet of paper full of text.

Which one is your favorite?