How to convince a group of gangsters

Once Upon a Time in America, a classic movie.

Four New York street boys want to make money. Therefore, they make a proposal to the gangsters in their neighborhood.

It’s 1920, at the time of Prohibition. The gangsters smuggle alcohol with a boat. If the police are after them – which happens a lot – they throw the crates overboard.

Street boy ‘Noodles’ comes up with something.

Salt bags and balloons.

To attach to the crates with the alcohol.

When the salt dissolves, the crate rises to the surface through the balloons. Once the police are out of sight, the street boys pick up the crate with their boat.

In exchange for money, of course.

Does this work?

To convince the gangsters, Noodles gives a demonstration.

In a corner of a café, he makes a test set-up in a barrel of water. When the package surfaces after a while, the gangsters agree to the plan.

In some cases, you can also use a demonstration in your communication.

For example, you can show how your 3D printer, new app or infrared panel works. In real life or in a video.

If you solution works well, a demonstration is always more convincing than a verbal description.