How to begin?

Love, relationships, sex.

These are the topics of the podcast Where should we begin? with Esther Perel. In each episode, you listen to a couple’s therapy session.

For instance, a session with a Spanish woman and an American man. They had a good marriage, but the woman cheated on her husband during work training weekends, while he stayed home with the kids.

She is ashamed because she hurt him. But the affair is also important to her. It emancipated her from the ‘child position’ she took towards her older husband.

The man is alternatingly angry and understanding. And the affair confronts him with his deeply held conviction that he ultimately has to face the world alone.

Interesting stuff.

‘Where should we begin?’ may be something you ask yourself with your communication.

How to start a presentation or blog, for instance?

A description of the context, or a definition, is a solid choice. But it’s also a bit conventional and boring.

The alternative?

A hook. Something that draws the audience into your story. Often with an (inter)action.

Things you can use as a hook are, for instance:

  • A question to the audience
  • An anecdote or mini-story (like in this email)
  • A surprising or exciting fact.

Good luck!