Funeral speech/Tinder profile

It’s not a joke, but it sounds like it: what’s the similarity between a funeral speech and a Tinder profile?

I won’t keep you in suspense.

In both, you usually come across positive descriptions of people. And in both, those descriptions are often general, abstract.

Grandpa was caring, sweet and funny.

Janneke loves nature.

Marie-Lou always chose her own path.

Duncan likes to travel and often visits festivals.

I can imagine something of these people, but the image is quite blurry.

A description of a personality only comes alive if you make it specific. For example:

Grandpa always bought falafel when I came over. Even though he was an ardent carnivore himself. He used to say that he loved me even more than his steak.

I’m Janneke. I know the best place in the woods to spot wild boars at sunset.

You can try the other two yourself. 😉

In professional settings, you can also color personal descriptions by making them more specific.

For example, in a job application, in an introduction round or at a farewell talk.