Are you a koala parent?

In the 1990s, psychologist Bent Hougaard came up with a new word.

Curling parent.

It’s a term that’s easy to remember. I immediately picture parents who are busy swiping to remove obstacles for their child.

You could also say ‘overprotective parent’. But that term is less sticky because it doesn’t evoke any images.

Do these kinds of visual terms also exist for terms from your field? Or can you come up with them yourself?

For inspiration, a few more examples about parenthood – borrowed from the animal kingdom.

Tiger parents are strict, enforce obedience and are focused on the (school) success of their kids. The dry alternative is ‘an authoritarian parenting style’.

Jellyfish parents do the opposite. They set few rules, have few expectations and move flexibly with their kids. ‘Permissive parenting’.

As a koala parent, you keep your child close to you – psychologically and physically. ‘Attachment parenting’ or ‘natural parenting’.

And then there are dolphin parents, helicopter parents and bulldozer parents.

Which type are you?