A much better slide (within a few minutes)

Today’s tip has just four words.

Use The Noun Project.


Use it for your presentations. And for your infographics and graphical abstracts, if you make them.

What is it?

The Noun Project is a database with icons created by graphic designers.

You can find an icon for just about everything. There are over 3 million icons.

Wanna try?

Let’s take the following slide about police investigation as an example.

There are just a few sentences on the slide. But still, your audience has to concentrate to grasp it.

And it’s not very appealing, such a slide full of text.

Enter The Noun Project.

In a few moments, you’ll find an icon for every important word.

Sometimes you need to be a bit more creative. For example, with ‘common crime’, I used the keyword ‘pickpocket’. And with ‘serious crime’, I used ‘mafia’.

The result may look like this:

I’m not a graphic designer. And I’m sure my alignment isn’t perfect.

But I did make a slide that is much better than the one with just text.

In less than 15 minutes.




PS I don’t have any shares in The Noun Project. Just to make sure. 😉